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Journeyman III

CodeXL Doesn't Honor Breakpoints in OpenCL Source Files

CodeXL is failing to equate my .cl file with the temporary copy that it creates at run-time, and I'm having to set my breakpoints in the temporary file. (I'm able to break on my kernel function's name, which gets me into the temporary file.)

Is this intended? I presume not. It looks a lot like an issue I reported several years ago (I never got a reply): CodeXL cannot debug when cl_program is created from short string containing #include of the .cl but this time I'm not using any #include trickery that might throw off CodeXL: I'm reading the .cl file into a string 'as usual'.

I added my .cl file to the CodeXL ('Add existing source file'), so it's not the case that CodeXL is 'unaware' of my .cl file. I also added it to an OpenCL 'folder' in the CodeXL Explorer pane, and can run offline build/analysis on it without issue.

The attached annotated screenshot shows the issue. (I set the two breakpoints separately.)

I'm using VS2015 on Windows 10, and CodeXL 2.0.12406 (the latest release at time of writing), and AMD APP SDK 3.0 (also the latest release). My project is 32-bit, and I haven't tried building for 64-bit.

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