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Journeyman III

CodeXL cant create debugged process but works in profile mode


I'm running a laptop, WIN 7, AMD Radeon DH750g. Ive created a c# application (windows form) using OPENTK, it runs without errors, but doesn't produce the output I need so I am trying to investigate with CodeXL.

CodeXL works fin on the teapot examples in both profile and debug mode. A console application I wrote (again C# OpenTK) works in both profile and debug mode. The windows form application (with OpenTK glControl) will profile in CodeXL but will not debug. It doesnt open and produces the error 'Could not create debugged process. The request is not supported'. Not that it says which process that is.

Has anyone seen this / knows a solution. I'm guessing its probably a setting in the solution, or the fact that maybe codeXL doesn't work with the glControl? I've attached the log from codeXL if this helps.

CodeXL is the latest version.


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