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Journeyman III

Chipset documentation?

I can't seem to find any data sheets/register descriptions for RS780. Are these available online?
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I checked with some people here, and it appears that this documentation is not yet available to the public. Please send email to with your request.


Yeah I hate that too. It even wonders is the AMD K10 microarchitecture on Wikipedia, is that even a real microarchitecture diagram, since barely any reviews even use that pictures. Last time Nvidia's review just tons of frauds, of several reviews showing a totalyl different microarchitecture diagram.


For the least they should even release the official support for all the peripherial support. You never know things like how many PCIe Lanes, Audio cores, # of USB, FireWire support. Intel apparently is an idoit at doing that, since most their Chipset only support 6 USB, and if you add a bracket in, they will give you an overloading error, telling you that you need a USB Host Bus Adapter. Also Intel is very cheap since their audio is only HDA UAA architecture which is 1996 technology, they have NEVER change the architecture at all and the music quality sucks even compare to 2 speakers.