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Journeyman III

CCC Languages

Ive had amd video cards for the longest time, but int he last year or so ive had new programs, and these programs, i install on clients computers, or personal computers, and the Catalyst Control Center, installs 20 or 30 languages even though i said ENGLISH only. Because of this these programs, will start slow, trying to load ALL these languages, even though its English set as default. Some computers load fine, but after testing this theory, id remove the program, and it launches great, once i install this, it slows down again..

coincidence? or not, who knows, but this is annoying to say the least.

Before, i usually just uninstall, after uninstall each one individually....

But, an update comes and, boom, they are back again.

Is there a specific spot, manually that i can remove these languages

if i choose uninstall, it doesnt give me the option to remove the languages themselves, but the program.

in the past doing this, would cause problems over time...unless someone has a work around or something?!


ive manually deleted the help languages from the amd/ace folder, just leaving the English, but, these still remain.

Are they somewhere else?

Is there a vbs script or batch script that is already out there for this?

if this one time i wouldnt mind, but every update i do, reinstalls this.

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