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Journeyman III

catalyst shortcomings RHEL5.5

sorry to put this here, but i'm hoping someone from amd will get on this.

I was very disappointed to find that eyefinity does not function under RHEL5.5.  From what I can understand This is something to do with the version of xrandr(1.2)which ships with RHEL5.5. None the less, it is always disappointing to find that an operating system which is stated in the documentation to be supported is not. 

As well I had a great deal of trouble installing fglrx for my Sapphire 5770 card with catalyst 10.11 on a fresh RHEL 5.5 install.  It was an extremely frustrating process that was only complete after finding that my only first monitor couldto be connected to the bottom DVI head and some modifications had to be made to the firegl_public.c file. 

instaling fglrx and catalyst is almost always a problem on RHEL and is even more so when all features (in this case eyefinity) do not work (as they are claimed to be supported in the documentation)

is there a timeframe in which we can expect to see full actual support for RHEL systems? 

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Missing Eyefinity support on RHEL 5 is a known issue.

When Eyefinity was planned/implemented for Linux, it only included "modern" OSes with RandR 1.2 in the scope.

RHEL 6 has RandR 1.2 and works with Eyefinity.

We're not aware of any installation problems of our driver on RHEL 5.5.

Could you provide output from "" after a stock install (without patching firegl_public.c) so that we can see what's wrong.