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Adept I

Catalyst 14.12 OpenCL problems

Hey AMD Devs,

I'm not sure if you know about the problems that were introduced with Catalyst 14.12 (compared to 14.9). I was able to track down at least one of them (the most important one) and wanted to let you know so that you might be able to find the problem more easy or to fix it in a later catalyst release. First of all, here are my observeration so far:

What I am talking here is the problem that the first GPU always seem to be slower than all the other ones. In oclHashcat, there is a seperate thread for each GPU from which the kernels are queued. That's important as oclHashcat supports having GPU's of different speed and therefore it has to do the synchronization on its own. Each GPU has its own context and its own command queue.

I played a bit with the GPU_* variables found in /usr/lib/ and then, by luck, I found a workaround for the first-gpu-is-slow problem: Set GPU_NUM_COMPUTE_RINGS to 1



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Adept III

Thank you for reporting this!

I too was plagued by this issue.Performance varying on a m290x in crossfire

@atom - I wanted to warn you I've still observed bad outputs from this although speed is recovered temporarily.  I'm not sure if it goes bad after some time or after several application restarts but non the less - bad outputs whether its slow or not.  I can't recommend using it.


My apologies for this delayed reply. Just wanted to inform you that this issue has been reported to the concerned team and they are working on it. If I get any further update, I'll share with you.