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Can't use newer PerfStudio version - missing 'aticalrt.dll'

I used to be able to use PerfStudio 2.5 OK, though it was crash-happy. I've upgraded to 2.8 but now I can't analyse my app - I get a never-ending stream of popups saying I don't have 'aticalrt.dll', though the app itself runs one frame at a time in the background with each popup. There's no way to cancel the procedure so I have to kill the process.

This machine doesn't have an AMD graphics card - does PerfStudio now require one? Would be a shame if so.

I'm trying to analyse a 32-bit OpenGL app on an Intel Clarkdale i5-660, running Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1, using the Clarkdale GPU.

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Thank you for the bug report. GPUPerfStudio does not require an AMD graphics card for the Frame Debugger and API Trace functionality, but it does for the Frame Profiler. Based on your experience, there appears to be a driver dependency that needs to be relaxed. We will investigate this issue.

Hi Peter, is there any update on this? An ETA for a patched version?


Hi, sorry for the delayed response. We have resolved the issue and will be releasing another version of GPUPerfStudio at the end of the month.