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Journeyman III

Can't believe NHL hire the dumbest web scripters I've ever seen in my entire life.

Script Management (sucks)

Look at the beginning of the script, he uses so many scripts outside of servers, doesn't he know that this will slow down server response time.

And why is the scripter using so many JavaScript anyways, professional programmers usually would have only 1 server scripts and another scripts for event driven programming for load balancing.  The rest of the scripts usually are only mini-server processing and application based scriptiong.

Script 1 is usually (act as an algorithm accoringdly to user preferences if desired.)


Computer Science stuff (a bit technical)

The scripters obviously have no management skills, since he doesn't know CSS render faster than server scripts. So therefore  you place CSS in the "beginning."

Look at the script it is all over the place. I guess nevermind about going technical into Web Services Programming + Enterprise Architecture Modelling vs (MVC runtime) - JSON SEO.


Well how can you tell he doesn't know MVC, in one of the scripts inside the website he uses Tapestry just by using links. Only inexperienced programmers would use CMS and Toolkits without understanding how the  computer science model works would do that. And I am betting this guy pickup Tapestry probably form Apress. (Reason: probably the school he goes to only teach him Java, therefore he chooses to find Java related toolkits, plug-in...etc only).



Notes (in case you are wondering)

JSON SEO + MVC runtime is kind of new thing. Well not really, the flash developers should of develop the runtime earlier, instead of wasting on their Adobe marketing.

Last Comments

wtf, using so many list ags, does he even know how server scripts work in program client / server architecture.


this code below, make me wonder does the know anything about computers, and did he graduated from highschool?



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Journeyman III

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