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Journeyman III

BUG: CodeXL 1.2.3897.0 update check doesn't honor proxy

Hi there,

I get the blocking CodeXL update check popup everytime I'm starting Visual Studio, which is kind of annoying. Switching the check interval doesn't help, this is somehow not saved. Also, the check doesn't work because the request appearently doesn't use the proxy that is configured. (The proxy settings work when sending a crash report.)


EDIT: On a second look, I'm not sure if the connection fails or if the URL/response is wrong. The text in the popup window says:

Connection Error

Failed to connect to AMD server

Please check your internet connection and proxy settings.

Go to CodeXL download page for latest version information.

However, when I click the button, it claims that a new version was available and presents another link (which is just the same link to codexl web page). Going there, I have to realize that there is no more recent version than the one I have.

Nachricht geändert durch Sebastian Krämer, adding details

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