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Blender and AMD OpenCL

Since the Blender/AMD OpenCL thread (Re: Blender Cycles(Opencl on AMD GPUS)) was locked, I'm creating a new discussion. Sounds like a good news. But I'm not familiar with Blender enough to try it myself.


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Thanks for doing that! Glad to have a fresh topic. I locked the old thread because it was that: old, large, unwieldy, and full of tangents.

I've been tracking this work internally for a couple of months now, and it is pretty exciting. Blender is open source, so really this is AMD engineers taking their time to see if we can make it better for everyone.

We (AMD) are being intentionally cautious about discussing these proposed patches. They are in review, so nothing is in the public build yet, and it's all just ideas until it is accepted by the community into the code base. The review discussion indicates the likelihood of adaptations, tweaks, etc.

So stay tuned!