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Journeyman III


Hi guys

I want to ask you,if you could add to newer drivers packages atiogl.xml,as I'm using Poser Pro or other 3D SW where I'm suffering with strange OpenGL performance,as per this thread Poser Pro 2014 problems again

Not sure why those files are missing in newer CCC packages,but if its possible add them there


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Current drivers no longer use atiogl.xml for configuration and so including it (or copying from an older system) won't have any effect. This is not an unintentional omission - current drivers use a different mechanism for recording user preferences and per-application settings. In the thread you link to, the user mentions Radeon HD 4xxx series (which we no longer support with new drivers) and driver version 13.9, which is more than 18 months old. We can only really support and comment on issues related to currently-supported hardware and up-to-date drivers.

If a similar issue is happening for you with recent hardware and up-to-date drivers, let us know and we'll look into it.



Hi Graham

Thanks for reply,really appreciated for this

I've same OpenGL issue on the Sapphire R9 290 Tri-X and I've tried all current drivers,but this issue has persisting on the those drivers/packages,currently I'm using 14.2 with Driver package: 13.251-131206a-167984C-ATI

I would want to use new features like Mantle or new OpenGL,although I'm not gaming on my PC,but still sometimes I would love to play game without the any problems

This posted thread I've started over on RDNA(my name there is jura)

If you could have look on this issue I would be very appreciated for this