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Journeyman III

ATI Radeon 6770M HD, Won't run over Intel Intergrated. (pics) Help!

dxdiag.display.jpgI purchased this HP Dv7 Laptop with a I7 processor and a AMD Radeon 6770 or 6740 HD card. I don't know what I did or didn't do but the setup is(and has been) pretty messed up for years. I sent this computer back to HP and it came back with the same problem,

Certain games which i believe should easily run don't. The only game that it runs is League of Legends because of the basic video requirements. Shouldn't a 6770M HD run must games? Its been years since I could run Battlefield on this laptop. I don't know how it got so bad but the video card seems like its not existent.

I've tried my best to fix it.

Ive downloaded the catalyst control verification tool to try to fix problem but it doesn't work.

Last step i attempted was to delete the video card drivers but windows always downloads the integrated intel drivers and with it comes is Radeon(hd) 6770M version  8.830.6.1000 by Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publisher.

Please help. any questions will be answered shortly to help solve my problem, Thank you, happy new year.

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I think, you should reinstall drivers for all your cards. From BIOS disable the discrete cards, install Intel driver, and then enable the AMD cards and install the AMD driver. It will be better to try drivers from firstly.

I hope this will help you.

Happy New Year to you too!