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Journeyman III

ati amd 7850 + catalyst 12.7b1 = overlay problems

actually i have problems with 12.6b1 and previous drivers too..

since i changed my old 4870 with new 7850, my overlay modes not work good...

ANY program that use overlay to display video not work good..

TVtuner card, bs.player for divx, splash player pro for mkv.. all the same

video is always corrupted, something like black screen with some details there and here...

what's problem, can i fix that (something with options) or devs must fix that (problem in driver code?)


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Oh man, that sounds really frustrating. Sorry to hear it.

Since you haven't got any replies yet in the software developers forum, I think you'll get a faster reply using the following resources:

Good luck!


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Thanx Kristen...

but some problems with your suggestions/link:


forum needs registration. i do it, but still can't login.. forum respond with "not authorized to use forums, again and again and again..." grrrrrrrrrrrr

If you've found a Catalyst bug, you can file a report here: (note: this form is down -- I'll figure out the right url & update ASAP)

survey closed, blah blah blah...

any ideas...  do you generally have any usefull idea what's wrong with overlay...  i have some problems with 4870chip in the past and some driver revisions.. looks like amd driver developers not like overlay support or not know how to implement it properly... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. teach'em or replace... 

or give good suggestion to still use ffdshow as universal a/v decoder without overlay with other/better players (but no one is better than splash player, because this is only one "small" player that have frame rate compensation in real time (23.976/24.000/25.000/29.970 ---> 60fps/refresh rate of monitor/tv) 


I'm sorry about all of the problems! 

I'll let the Catalyst forms folks know about the login problems that you reported above.

The Catalyst form is now working--it was down for a day. Here's a list directly to the 12.6 survey:

I don't have any idea what's wrong with the overlay, but i will make sure to send your good suggestion to the right people at AMD.

Thank you for letting me know about this issue!