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Adept II

Are going AMD Fusion Sumit sessions presentations to be posted?

for everybody? if yes when?

I'm interested in:

Fast Fourier Transform on AMD GPUs

Memory Model on Fusion APUs and the Benefit of Zero-Copy Approaches

Hands on with System Dependency Analyzer (SDA) for Heterogeneous Computing

Real-Time Concurrent Linked List Construction on the GPU

Physics Simulation on Fusion Architectures

Video Transcode Acceleration using AML on Heterogeneous Compute

OpenCL and the 13 Dwarfs

GPU JIT (AKA Shader Compiler): from IL to ISA

High Quality and Efficient Post Processing on GPU Compute 

Real-time H.264 Video Enhancement Using AMD APP SDK

Scaling DGEMM to Multiple Cayman GPUs and Interlagos Many-core CPUs for HPL

Optimizing SpMV for Diagonal Sparse Matrices On OpenCL

HMTS-A Parallel Building Block Library


Also good would be:

OpenCL Implementation on Heterogeneous Computing System for Real-time Rendering and Dynamic Updating of Dense 3-d Volumetric Data

M-JPEG Decoding Using OpenCL on Fusion

GPU Accelerated Databases

Optimizing Video Editing Software with OpenCL

Automatic Intra-Application Load Balancing for Heterogeneous Systems

Advanced Rendering Techniques Using Fusion and OpenCL

A Methodology for Optimizing Data Transfer in OpenCL

OpenCL and OpenGL/DirectX Interoperability

Multi-GPUs, OpenCL, and Graphics Programming

Advanced Rendering Effects Using OpenCL and APU

Fusion Enabled Video and Imaging Pipelines

GPU Processing for Video Enhancement and Stereo Conversion

AMD's x86 Open64 Compiler

Migration of Legacy Applications to Heterogeneous Architectures using HMPP

Using Fusion System Architecture for Broadcast Video

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That was a long list.

I think a few important presentations and video webinars are available at


All the session presentations and videos are now available.