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Journeyman III

Are AMD going to counter the Intel i5/i7 s1366 price2performance-ratio soon?

I'm considering buying a new system for the latest musicplugins&games.

But now that the Intel i5 (i7-performance for not much money), should I go for the i5, with cheap dualchannel mem mobo's,and the i5 itself cost a lot less than the Phenom II 940/965 and CRUSHES the AMD in tests.

Is AMD going to slash their prices (considerably) for the Phenom II range in the near future, or are they giving away the homemarket to Intel? (Again) 😐 I've always used AMD systems,and I'd like to continue to do so in the fiture, but the i5's performance have made me think twice at the current Phenom II prices. If AMD is gonna stand a chance, they'll have to cut CPU-prices FAST, not after people have ordered their xmas-parts/systems!

So, does anyone here know if AMD is lowering Phenom II prices soon, or should I just go for the Intel i5?