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Journeyman III

Apparent bug when debugging kernel that has a globalWorkOffset

Hey guys,

I ran into the following problem:

When debugging a kernel that has a globalWorkOffset that exceeds the globalWorkSize of the kernel, the debugger fails because apparently it tries to access out of range work items.

I include a screenshot of the relevant section of the debugger.


Here the work size is 168. The first work items' index is 272 though, because of the global work offset I used. All work items are marked as invalid, and I can't select a work item from the "Work item X" option box.

I tried setting the global work offset to 0 and the debugger then works as expected.

I'd appreciate it if you could look into this for the next release or let me know in case I'm doing something wrong, which is possible since I'm new to CodeXL.

I'm using CodeXL 1.8 with Catalyst 15.2.