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Journeyman III

APP / CAL / OpenCL : The Monitor issue

What are the plans regarding headless computing in windows?

Hi everyone,

I have 2 AMD GPUs on the same machine win7x64, I only have one monitor.

I'm working with openCL and cannot work with the second device.

I understood its the way AMD drivers behaves,  I just want someone from AMD guys to clarify what are the plans regarding this?

Is this made by intention or lack of time (and thus - will be opened soon) ?

After all - on linux it does work, and, NVidia openCL/Cuda impls allows for seamless access of any of nvidia's devices on the machine.

This surely affects my vendor decision as i cannot rely on having multiple monitors in my final product


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Actually, Thanks mate, this is indeed the fastest and simplest VGAdummy patch i came across!

It is nice for development, but seriously, i cannot expect my clients to do VGAdummy patches, nor can i go into hw-dev of any kind and sell a "productized" VGAdummy,

The problem is that this leaves me no choice but moving to the other side(the green side), while at my point of view, its only a driver issue that can be opened, if not now than maybe in an upcoming driver or something, therefore i would really appreciate if someone from AMD clarify this before i'll make my decisions


develop for Linux. then you don't need vga dongle.

but you are right that AMD should work on NON graphic driver. as on windows you need to be log on. and on Linux started Xserver.


AMD responds: we are working on this.  At the present time you need a monitor attached to the second GPU under Windows.  This will be fixed in a forthcoming release.