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Adept II

amdgpu-pro DRM (DKMS modules) driver internal questions for debug purpose


First about:

I'm an electronic engineer who currently interested in software programming, especially openCL.

The open-source driver unfortunately doesn't support openCL, so I need the proprietary. But I have

a problem with the proprietary driver under my system what I like to fix this by myself. I have posted

the issue in the AMD Support forum. But I haven't get any answer yet.

To figure out the problem, I need a little help please. So I have a couple of questions:

Is there a short overview from the source code of the DKMS modules?

How works the  memory management?

Can I get the address of a specific DRM framebuffer, plane or overlay in the

Video-Memory and verify/manipulate (with modification in the DKMS modules for

debug purpose) it?

Thanks in advance!


As a precaution, if this post will declined again:

DRM: I mean the Direct Rendering Manager, not the Digital Rights Management stuff.