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AMDAPPKernelAnalyzer.exe - System error | aticalrt.dll is missing

Hey I'm trying to run AMD APP Kernel Analyzer but I get a a system error aticalrt.dll is missing

Any ideas on how to fix it?

I'm running Visual C++ 2008 Express edition and AMP APP SDK 2.7

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Older versions of KernelAnalyzer did not need to have the OpenCL and CAL driver files available.

When live driver mode was supported (use installed driver) that changed.

If your system does not have an AMD graphics chip, and therefore the usual installation of the driver won't happen,

you can still make things work.  Copy .dll files to the directory containing AMDAPPKernelAnalyzer.exe.

The easiest way to get the .dlls is to copy them from a system with an AMD graphics chip.

When you do this, the installed driver version information won't be right.  If you care about the versions,

get them from the machine with the installed drivers.