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Adept II

AMD SDK 2.8.1 and Visual Studio 2013

I am presently using the Visual Studio 2013 preview and wanted to integrate some openCL code and the APPML.  Any reason why I would not expect this to work?  Because some of my libraries are only 64-bit (E.g. ACML) I need to build a 64-bit C++ app.

Another side question, is there an update coming soon for openCL 2.0 draft support to the SDK?  We have been on SDK 2.8 for a while now and I could really use the new HSA features, especially the ability to pass pointers instead of copying data.

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There should not be any issues with using Visual Studio 2013 for APP SDK Samples. Although this has not been tested as VS 2013 is still in preview phase. APP SDK Samples will certainly be supported for it, once a stable version is released.

FYI, only a provisional OpenCL 2.0 spec has been released so far (probably a month back), so do not expect those cool features any time soon. IMHO the actual spec will be released in approx 6 months, and only after that vendors may claim their support for OpenCL 2.0.