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Journeyman III

Amd Radeon RX5xx don' work with Sigma photo pro

Good morning,

I write to report the following issue.
I use a Sigma camera that shoots in a raw proprietor X3F format, which format can only be opened and managed with their development software given the amount of information contained in the raw file, Sigma Photo Pro  -
The software in question has the capability to operate using additional RAM and GPU support to speed up work operations.

From testing done by checking the percentage of GPU usage at image upload time, I noticed that GPU load remains at 0%, so I guess the software does not take advantage of it.
With nvidia video cards and crazy libraries, the software manages to exploit almost the entire GPU and this makes the workings much faster.
I have already written to Sigma to report the problem in the hope that they can remedy it, also tell it to you.

Sigma is not famous as Sony, Nikon or Canon, but in many use it and given success, this number of users can only increase.

Thank you

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Thanks for sharing this information. I think, Sigma team could provide better insight in this regard. As you've already reported to them, please wait for their response.

For any issue (if identified) from our side, our support team is there to help you.