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Journeyman III

AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series problems with 3D Maya Software.

It's been almost a year now I'm having this problem. I thought it would be minor but its getting really annoying that I couldn't use some of the features in Maya. My other friend whom also uses AMD Graphics card had similar issues but his one seems to be small matter unlike mine. So here are the problems : I couldn't select small objects in Maya. Turns out that when I have a scene in Maya which has many details and polygons around , I couldn't select the smaller object , it always get selected with the larger object. The camera , I couldn't switch one of my viewport to show the camera's POV otherwise it will instantly crash Maya. And lastly this happens ( Image Below ). When I click and drag my cursor in Maya , it seems to have this weird issues going on. THATS NOT THE END. I still have problems with Adobe Photoshop CS 4. This one however , doesn't occur frequently but STILL is hell annoying. It randomly crashes sometimes while I'm painting or texturing my work. WHY?! . THATS NOT THE END . I also noticed that my Graphic card randomly CRASHES when I'm just using the PC. It happens in the game and not in the game. The screen will freeze awhile and pops up a message at the bottom right corner of the screen. PS , this graphic card isn't even a year old. I have this problem since the first day I have it.


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