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AMD is its own worst enemy with regard to its APU's

I was, in a previous incarnation, Senior German Engineer for Enterprise Disaster-Recovery Tech-Support, and my main claim to fame is that in this position I actually managed to go for two days without one single unresolved case or escalation. Out of over 17,000 individual cases/escalations I failed to resolve exactly 223 (I don't count kludges or workarounds as resolutions).

One thing that cheesed me off is that the marketdroids and salescritters in our company massively oversold the capabilities of our products. One particular case was when a customer made a complaint to us with regard to restoring his server whereby he was not using our software to restore but rather to migrate his backup to completely different server hardware, which our sales-marketing department had told him was possible.

I personally think that AMD with regard to their APU's is in an analogous position. The salescritters and marketdroids sign the cheques with their mouths that the developers have to try to cash with their backsides.

No the AMD APU is not going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread - except for systems which don't need extreme processing power or extreme graphics power.

I would wish that AMD would take a LART to their non techies and tell them not to over promise in their advertising.

The 7870K for instance is good for what one can promise - a next to silent system build with a quasi-SOC for normal users who want to do some video/photo or SOHO work with the occasional foray into Bejeweled (OK I lowballing there).

Intel with its pathetic integrated HD Graphics offers nothing.

To bring any Intel CPU to the level of the graphics performance of a 7870K, a dedicated GPU is mandatory and that is the death-knell for any, with silence or energy efficiency as a main consideration, budget oriented computer.

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Adept I

will you take out your frustrations and mod my bios for me .. lol

see your little irritated bro.. its gonna be ok !! AMD/ATI been promising big checks for long time.. now get your arse back in there and cash it !!

If by "mod" you mean reprogram the actual BIOS itself then I would have to disappoint you, I found out very early in my career that I have absolutely no talent for axiomatic programming whatsoever (although I am not bad at heuristic programming). My mind doesn't work that way. I have known and admired people who are great coders. I also have no talent for music, but I have known and admired people who are great musicians. There is one person, Biwo, I knew in Germany who built guitars. He had no idea how to play one, but he had a waiting list of people who wanted to buy one of them because they sounded so good. I am in a way like that person with computers.

The system with the 7870K APU that I put together recently consisted of the following:

PSU: Superflower Leadex Platinum 550W

Case: Corsair 250D

Mobo: GigaByte GA-F2A88XN-WIFI

CPU:AMD A10-7870K Black Edition

Cooler: Noctua NH-L12

SSD :Crucial MX200 250GB

I changed out the 140mm fan that came with the case for a CoolerMaster Megaflow 200mm fan which shunts 110 CFM at 700 RPM at 19 dBA.

The system is perfectly good for what the person wants to do and it is silent. Even with your ear up to the case you cannot tell if the system is running or not by any sound emanating from it.

I spent a lot of time researching every single component and then spent quite a lot of time finding the best price for each item.

I am irritated because the system I built would be totally inadequate for something like COD. The thing is however that the person I built it for has no intention of playing games on the machine. For him the rig is absolutely perfect.

The way the marketdroids and salescritters push the APU however is guaranteed to have people build it into their system and then go on the Internet and whine how bad the 7870K is because they cannot play their games on it in the resolution they would want.

I have metaphorically cashed the check because AMD has given me something which I cannot get anywhere else and I am very grateful to AMD for developing the 7870K. For me it is a "big cheque" or rather a great thing (just not great for everything).