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Adept I

AMD HD3D broken


I'm the developer of the Stereoscopic Player, a video player for stereoscopic movies.

This bug report refers to the stereoscopic mode of the AMD graphics driver. When using the AMD HD3D API, quad-buffered OpenGL or quad-buffered DirectX 11, the left eye view is sent to

the TV via HDMI 1.4 frame packing with a delay that breaks the 3D effect whenever there is motion in the scene.

I tested on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 with 13 and 14.4 drivers on HD 7700 and R7 260 cards. The result was the same for any

combination. A customer told me that exactly the same system works fine when replacing the R7 with an HD6850.

Here are the steps to reproduce the issue:

1) Download the Stereoscopic Player 2.2.7 or newer from - Beta Testing, install and run it.
2) Download a sample 3D movie, e.g. - Dracula 4D (Trailer).
3) Click View|Viewing Method|AMD HD3D. You could also choose Quad-buffered OpenGL or Quad-buffered DirectX (Win 8 only), the issue occurs with any stereo API.
4) Click File|Open and select the sample movie downloaded in step 2.
5) Click View|Full Screen.
6) You will see that the 3D effect is bad during fast motion caused by the delay.
7) You can also see the issue when using the latest beta of the Stereoscopic Player with stereoscopic UI. The mouse cursor is rendered stereoscopically, so you see it twice on the screen

with a small horizontal offset (the horizontal offset is ok). Move the mouse cursor up and down and watch it without 3D glasses. You'll see that there is a vertical offset caused by the delay (the vertical offset is not ok).

Here is a screenshot that illustrates the problem. Notice the vertical offset between the left and right view cursors.


I’m sure the issue is in the driver and not my code for the following reasons:

*) A customer mentioned that the same player version works fine with older cards.
*) I found out that the same issue occurs not only in AMD HD3D mode but also when using Quad-buffered OpenGL mode or Quad-buffered DirectX mode. These modes work well on cards from other

*) Other players, developed independently (, show the same issues.

I’ve connected all cards to the same HDMI port of the same TV to make sure it is not an issue of the TV. The TV is a Sony KDL-40HX805.


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Adept I

The problem can also be reproduced with the HD3D SDK samples. However, it is necessary to turn VSYNC on.

I've found some other software that doesn't suffer from the sync isses of HD3D, quad-buffered OpenGL and quad-buffered DirectX. In addition it supports HDMI 1.4 frame packing in windowed mode (the HD3D SDK doesn't allow windowed mode), obviously using a hardware overlay. Why has AMD not mentioned in the HD3D SDK that there's an additional way to activate HDMI 1.4 frame packing? Were can I find the documentation?

Journeyman III

Did you ever get anywhere with this?  I'm having the same problem, and so are several other people I've come across looking for a resolution. • View topic - 1-frame lag between the eyes, AMD driver or display issue ?


MSI R7-260X OC 2GB D5 DDHDP / Windows 7 64 / Latest AMD drivers

Display: Optoma HD25-LV


AMD has not fixed the issue yet although I posted here in the developer board, contacted customer support and filled in the driver feedback form. They don't seem to have any interest in getting their HD3D technology working again.

Journeyman III

Same problem here hope they fix it as soon as possible.

We are making a small app for our forum mates in but it just doesn't work.

What we are planning to do is to add a message like your card is not fully supported or your card is not supported for this mode or similar.

It looks there is no other solution. Or show a warning to all that some AMD cards are not supported.

Edit: (17.12.2014)

It's been a long time, please inform me if someone found a solution our customers keeps complaining about this problem.

Journeyman III

Hi AMD. I also hope that you can provide a fix to this issue asap.

Journeyman III

Hi there,

I'm evaluating Stereoplayer which works fine except for this issue.

However, I'm not convinced this is an AMD driver problem, because the issue isn't there (and has never been there) with any version of TMT or PowerDVD. Both software play 3D Bluray content on AMD (I have a 7870) using HD3D without this issue, which I immediately noticed on stereoplayer, without being aware of it. I only found this thread as I was looking to see if it was a known issue or not.

I've only tested 3D Bluray with both software, as while PowerDVD looks like it can read MVC mkvs it's only converting them from 2D to 3D (poorly!), and TMT can't read MVC mkvs.

But when reading an MVC mkv with stereoscopic player, the issue is there while it isn't there in a 3D Bluray played by TMT or PDVD.

Could there be a difference in the way you access the driver? More specifically, could it be a difference between unlicensed players and licensed players, and the way they are allowed to process the MVC stream?


I've checked TMT and as I've mentioned in a previous post it uses an undocumented API. It seems to be hardware-overlay-based because when taking a screenshot you only see the chromakey color instead of the image. If I get technical details on the API used by TMT, I would immediately add this technology to the Stereoscopic Player.

The issue is an output issue. It happens with any content, it is not related to MVC.

Journeyman III

Thanks and sorry, I missed that post above re an undocumented API. I understand it's not specific to MVC, I only used this as it's a popular format that people would want to play.

I hope you manage to get access to this undocumented call, I'll see if I can get some information about this.