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Adept I

AMD GCN(Kabini, Temash, Beema, Mulins, Kaveri, Radeon hd8xxx, Radeon Rx) with Android

Hi, everybody can make Android work on AMD GCN architecture?

I have AMD Kabini AMD A6-5200 laptop, and when I try to load android x86 it's only screen distortion, but android is loading, I see the interface os screen(with distortion).

Any Ideas?

As I understand, now amd works about mobile SoC's for android too, so it must be way to fix this bug.

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Adept III

Maybe I'm not understanding, but how is this a bug? Where did you get the graphics drivers for your card for Android. AFAIK AMD does not have Android drivers.


I think, it's opensource android driver, mesa. And it can work perfectly with old non gcn amd cards but not with new gcn cards. As AMD talks about development a SoC's for android(x86 and arm) they need to make android work with gcn graphics.


Oh, I see that make sense now. However, you do realize that AMD is a large company and like any good business, most decision are made to benefit the financial interest of the business. I would assume that if AMD did a market analysis and it came out favourable, then they would enter into that market otherwise, its would be a waste of resources. Getting, back to the issue, if the drivers are not working, then I would contact the authors or post your finding on their bug list so it can be worked on. I don't think its fair that AMD should fix a software issue for software they didn't write.