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Journeyman III

AMD FirePro v3900 rendering .NET 4.0 (Graphics render poorly)

(Originally posted in the wrong area, so I moved this question to here because it seems like the correct location [Original post in Gaming and Support])

So I am designing a WPF application using .NET Framework 4.0 that is very
graphic intensive.  When I moved from my MSI video card to the AMD FirePro my
graphics rendering was poor quality at best.  Sliders looked jagged, buttons
looked crooked, and text was unreadable at points.  I had submitted a ticket
with Microsoft to find out if there was an issue with graphics rending with .NET
4.0 and their responce was to contact AMD because the issue was not on their

"You could work directly with AMD, since
I’m pretty sure they would be very interested once you demonstrate that the
problem is unique to this GPU" - David Wooden (Microsoft Support)

I was
curious to know if AMD was doing something different that did not support
applications that were designed in older .NET Frameworks which would cause their
graphics cards to not render correctly.  Also if someone would help me figure
out what it is I can do to fix this issue.

updating to .NET 4.5 is not an option as the project was designed in 4.0 and
updating to 4.5 would cause problems as well as extend the projects developement

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