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Journeyman III

AMD Display Library - Assigning displays to adapters using ADL_Display_DisplayMapConfig_Set

I tried to develop a tool that's able to configure which "display target" (physical connector?) will get the signal from which "adapter" ("RAMDAC"?). We only need to support "extended desktop" mode, so I thought it should be easy, but unfortunately my tool doesn't always work as I expected.

So ... does anyone know what the parameters of the ADL_Display_DisplayMapConfig_Set function mean exactly?

Or rather: I know what the "direct" parameters mean (maybe with the exception of the first parameter "iAdapterIndex"), but I don't really know what the values inside the "ADLDisplayMap" and "ADLDisplayTarget" arrays mean. And which of them I am supposed to set, which of them I can leave as zero or probably set to -1 etc. There are many different "index" values, and from the documentation that's part of the ADL SDK, I don't really understand what they all mean.

I had to guess in a lot of places, and appearently I guessed wrong 🙂

Especially the struct-members with the following names have me puzzeled:

  • iOSDisplayIndex (AdapterInfo under Windows)
  • iDisplayControllerIndex (ADLDisplayInfo , ADLPossibleMapping)
  • iAdapterIndex (almost all structs)
  • iDisplayMapIndex (ADLDisplayTarget , ADLDisplayMap)

Is there some other documentation that you could point me to, or some example application that uses ADL_Display_DisplayMapConfig_Set to configure "extended desktop" mode?. Or, or course, if one of you would take the time to explain them here I'd very much appreciate it!

I'm keepin this short, trying to avoid tl;dr, so if this question is to broad to answer, please tell me what further information I should provide, and I'll happily do so.

ps: We're using Windows XP (32 Bit) and Windows 7 (64 Bit) and the display cards are Radeon HD 4650, Radeon HD 6670 and the new stuff will use Trinity's integrated graphics.

ps2: If there is a way to do this via non-AMD-specific WinAPI calls unter Windows 7, I'd also be very interested.

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