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Journeyman III

AMD Compute-only cards like Tesla, no display port?

Are there AMD OpenCL cards that are purely for compute, no graphics output?

I am not interested in the graphics part as these are intended for headless server farms.

BTW is there a timeline for non-root console mode?

I would like something similar to those Nvidia Tesla K cards;

the server would be in (text mode runlevel) without a display manager or  X session,

or the X session will only run on server graphics-on-board (Matrox MGA).


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Adept I

Hi rc-  Perhaps the Firepro S9000? Or S10000 if you want dual GPUs, but less memory per GPU.  It does still have a display port on it, but I don't see how that hurts anything; if you don't run X, it won't crowd out compute.

AMD FirePro™ S9000 Server Graphics