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Journeyman III

AMD Catalyst 14.12 and kernel>=3.17.0

Hi all!

More than month ago I download 14.12 to driver and autoinstall was broken by compiling error. As it turned out, the problem has been in the file common/lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/kcl_acpi.c at 845 line.
A flag no_hotplug of struct acpi_device_flags was removed at kernel 3.17.0, imho, correct resolving of it was patching a driver like this:


  tdev->flags.no_hotplug = true;

# else

  tdev->flags.removable = 0;

  tdev->flags.ejectable = 0;

# endif

Well, it would be great if somebody confirm and fix this bug.

I'm using Fedora 21 and last kernel I remember was 3.18.x or later version.

Reference url:
Fedora 21: Night, upgrade and AMD fglrx

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Re: AMD Catalyst 14.12 and kernel>=3.17.0

Thanks for the report.

Can I bother you to replicate this report in the Catalyst forums, so that team gets it.

The specific thread for catalyst driver support is located at: AMD Support and Game Forums - Desktop Catalyst Drivers and Software.

If you have a reproducible case, you can file a defect report at

AND.... so you know we aren't completely clueless, we have a project under way to merge our various forums into single community. So at some point this year, with any luck, I will never again have to ask people to do this. I can just move it to the right forum, like I do now among the various developer forums.

Thanks for your patience.