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AMD APP SDK v2.9.1 is now Available!

AMD has released the AMD APP SDK v2.9.1.

The AMD APP SDK v2.9.1 includes samples for OpenCL™ as well as accelerated libraries such as the Open Source  C++ template library called “Bolt” and the latest OpenCL™ accelerated OpenCV (Open Computer Vision) library. APP SDK 2.9.1 now enables Linux users who need to install with non-root permission, allowing users of IT managed and server systems to develop for the powerful compute capabilities of AMD APUs and GPU.  This release supports the Catalyst 14.4 driver.  Read the Getting Started Guide for more details.  Please try the APP SDK v2.9.1 and provide us with your feedback.

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Adept II

Yes, but still no updated programming guide. It has been essentially not updated since the inclusion of Southern Islands GPU information. According to the current documentation the latest GPUs are the Radeon HD 7xxx (excluding the 7790) which were released in the dawn of 2012!


Unfortunately AMD doesn't seem to have the resources the green team has.


Unfortunately, this is true. However it would be better focusing on a reliable and robust OpenCL implementation instead of having numerous APIs under developent (C++ AMP, Bolt, Aparapi, etc.) which require resources. Having a solid OpenCL implementation as a foundation would allow the software community build on that other more abstract and productive programming models.

It's astounding how little progress AMD made with their APP updates the last two years compared to the CUDA updates we got in the same time period...


I'm downloading it and I'll hopefully give it a go in the next few days.

I was honestly hoping for something about Tonga. I've read there is this new instruction set...

Does 14.4 work with CodeXL? Last time I upgraded I had to rollback as it would cause BSOD... it has not been pretty.


Even in case Tonga is already a next generation part you would still need to wait till AMD releases their next generation line of GPUs officially, before that they would never expose any new features in their SDK.


Only if by "next generation" you mean GCN2, but it seems more likely it is a GCN1.2. The whole thing has already been announced albeit only on marketing jargon and there's a niche of buyers which is bleeding away. If that instruction does what I think it does then waiting for release is a gross error... unless the other parts are to be released tomorrow.


Actually I meant 1.2, I don't think there is a 2.0 on the horizon in the foreseeable future. Anyway, probably it will always stay just a speculation. AMD isn't very liberal when it comes to classifying their GPUs into different architectures.