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Journeyman III

amd app debug error

when i debug the project BasicDebug.sln,it show


why this could happen.

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Please include the following details as well.

Platform - win32 / win64 / lin32 / lin64 or some other?

Win7 or win vista or Win8.. Similarly for linux, your distribution

Version of driver

CPU or GPU Target?

CPU/GPU details of your hardware

And mention steps you took, to reproduce this issue.

Check if the Basic Debug Kernel, does have a printf statements? Does the sample run by commenting out these statements?

Are you using the latest SDK (2.8) ?

One possible reason might be that your GPU is not OpenCL 1.2 compatible.

thank you for your replay,my platform information is win7(64),AIT V3800,using SDK(2,8),driver is latest


V3800 looks old to me. As per, it only has opencl 1.1 support.

Can you tell how you get that error box? And there are few questions I asked above, which are still unanswered. Please give more information.

You seem to be running it in CodeXL. Just try adding #pragma OPENCL EXTENSION cl_amd_printf:enable in the beginning of the kernel file.

thank you very platform information is win64,win7,driver is


GPU target,GPU is V3800,CPU is below


when i use CodeXL to debug BasicDebug.sln,it runs well,but when i debug the kernel ,it will show


and then ,i use your propersal,and add #pragma OPENCL EXTENSION cl_amd_printf:enable in the beginning of the kernel file,but it show the same problem,why??


motoffh wrote:

when i use CodeXL to debug BasicDebug.sln,it runs well,but when i debug the kernel ,it will show

What do you mean by debug BasicDebug.sln? Don't you have to give the executable file to CodeXL. And How do you debug the kernel then?

I would guess that BasicDebug is a new sample, so probably written for OpenCL 1.2. Can you confirm you are able to run BasicDebug.exe from Command Prompt. Please check if you are able to run older samples like Template.exe, MatrixTranspose.exe etc...


i can run all samples,and can debug all samples,but when i add printf in kernel,it will show that box.if i do not add printf in kernel,i can step into kernel and debug this sample,why.i also want to ask you a question,can NVIDIA use opencl 1.2, NVIDIA do not say it support OpenCL 1.2 or not,please tell me why?

i want to buy a new GPU, can you give me some advices i buy which series?i buy AMD or NVIDIA,a cheaper one should be better.thank you.


Well... The choice of the GPU depends on what you want to do with it.

Please tell us what you intend to do with the GPU.

Gaming? GPGPU Learning? Run some domain-specific application? SETI@Home kindaa projects?

Are you planning a Desktop? OR A Laptop? OR Just a new discrete GPU?

Also, we cannot comment on when and whether NVIDIA will support OpenCL 1.2.

Now that, as you say, they have removed the forums as well -- It is better you play around OpenCL with AMD cards.


thanks very much!


CodeXL debugger does not support debugging of kernels that use the printf statement.


Thanks dorono, for the information.

It has indeed been mentioned in known issues section in release notes: