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Journeyman III

AMD A88X (Bolton) RAID API / SDK

I'm looking for an API / Software Developers Kit of the A88x chipset to access hard disk drives / SSDs

configured into RAID arrays by ATA pass through function.

Thanks in advance.

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White-listed you, so you can post in any of the AMD Developer forums.

Moved post to the appropriate developer forum.



Hi Pinform,

Thanks so much !

I checked, but do not really think OpenCL is a good forum: that area is completely independent from chipset / RAID solutions and focus on computing instead of hardware.

Is it possible to forward my request to an engineer, who may be able to answer and may provide the required information (maybe after signing a non-disclosure agreement to protect technical data)? I worry that no developer on the forum can help..

Thanks in advance!

Community Manager

Replying to the OP and the question you sent me privately. Posting the answer publicly in case anyone has a similar question.


I saw a short note in the release notes of the latest (Windows) chipset driver of the Bolton:

6.1.1-00076   CSMI implemented

So if understand correctly, the driver should support complete CSMI functionality, for example GET_PHY_INFO, PASSTHRU etc.?

Is  it possible to acess the RAID member hard disks / SSDs with this  function (under Windows, when this chipset driver installed)?

If possible, please just confirm the above - or let me know if I'm wrong.

Or  if you have a brief doc / info about the supported CSMI function(s) (or  different method if that would work), please let me know.


The AMD Raid driver supports built in CSMI commands. Due to Limited security access you may not be able to directly query for passthru commands.

While the version you mentioned ( is not the latest version, the latest version is for Win10 & for Win8.1/Win7 available on AMD web site

Download link :

W7 raid driver :

Wblue raid driver:

W10 raid driver :