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Journeyman III

all games lag

i have

motherboard -gigabyte g 31

processor-intel core 2due 2.8 E7400

ram - 4gb DDR2

GPU-Sapphie readon hd 7730

my psu was with casing it has 450 wat

my all games lags..

when i start the game there is 55-60 fps

but when i start a mission it falls to 15-25

it happens every timecan any one help me plz.....

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Adept I

It would be nice to know which games you want to run, you must also note that the graph is more den girl amd 7000 series. also see the resolution at which you are working. Can also be seen if the source is 450 w real or generia.


Seria bueno saber que juegos quieres hacer correr, ademas tienes que tener en cuenta que es la grafica mas chica de amd den la serie 7000. tambien ve la resolucion a la que estas trabajando. Tambien puede ser la fuente ve si es 450 w reales o es generia.