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Journeyman III

All dlls missing on Windows Vista 32, segfaulting on Ubuntu 8.10


On my Vista Home Premium (mobility hd 4570 512MB, reported as 4530 series) the driver installer goes through the motions of installation for quite  a long time, never gives me the "flashing" monitor and apparently forgets to install any dlls, as the samples complain about all of them. At first I thought it was a failure to install dlls, but now I think the dlls follow the graphics driver and it never gets installed.


On Ubuntu 8.10 where I previously had the Stream SDK running succesfully, I can compile the new samples but they are segfaulting. The display driver gives me the "this is beta and will expire" warning, which is annoyingly large, what is AMD thinking! I thought it would go away or I would find the switch in the docs to turn it off, no such luck.



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Journeyman III

Could you post the exact error messages you are getting?