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Journeyman III

ADL Overdrive6 Voltage Control


I am attempting to use ADL SDK to set the voltage of my R9 280x. I found the examples from the most recent ADL v6.0 SDK source, but there does not appear to be an example for voltage control. I assume that the Overdrive6 functions are required to program these new cards. Is this true?

I have tried the following code block and the .exe errors out with "Failed to set GPU 0 voltage." I am using C. gpus[gpu].gpu_vddc is a float value that gets assigned from the command line interface flags I am using. Testing is being performed in Windows 7. The executable builds correctly from my source code, but the voltage control function fails. Should the voltage value be in millivolts? My example assumes a CLI flag input of volts (ex. 1.2) that gets multiplied by 1000 to convert to millivolts.

Can you provide a voltage control example that will work for the R9 280x?

if (gpus[gpu].gpu_vddc) {
    int setv = gpus[gpu].gpu_vddc * 1000;

applog(LOG_INFO, "Setting GPU %d voltage to %.3f", gpu, gpus[gpu].gpu_vddc);
if (ADL_OK != ADL_Overdrive6_VoltageControl_Set(iAdapterIndex, setv))
     printf("Failed to set GPU %d voltage. \n", gpu);

Thank you in advance,


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Journeyman III

I am also attempting to try to control the voltage of R9 card ( but 270X) and I cannot find any information on this (besides the docs) and I am not sure it R9 cards can be used with overdrive 6.

It would be very good if support would provide some help.