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Journeyman III

A6-3420m hangs after about 180s?

I have an HP Pavilion G6 equipped with an A6-3420m. I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit. When running OpenCL enabled apps, the computer hangs after about 180 seconds. I ran "watch -n 1 aticonfig --odgt" to watch the temperature as I ran Open Cl, and after about 18 minutes I got to about 96 degrees Celsius. The ambient temperature was, however, a few (maybe 2?) degrees cooler during this test than the other times that the system was hanging. I'm using up-to-date Catalyst and OpenCL drivers.

I'm HOPING that it's hanging because somehow the driver has a built-in fail-safe, and not because I'm frying my card. (it would definitely be better if the computer automatically powered down when an upper temperature limit was reached, because I noticed when I came back to my computer after hanging it was still quite hot! But I digress....)

Is anyone familiar enough with linux and aticonfig to walk me through some way to manually scale down the power to the GPU so that these high temperatures aren't reached? (If this is even an option/possibility)

side note: Why is the only "3420m" in the A6 series listed as "A8-3420m?"

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Re: A6-3420m hangs after about 180s?

Hi  jordachejeans :

I think you'd better run this program more times, and confirm that it's the high temperature that caused this problem or not.