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Adept I

A question about the design of the w7100

Ive been using firepros since the v8800 and was awayes surprised by the performance of the smaller models like v7800/7900/7000.I didnt bought them becouse i dont like single sloted gpu and normaply go with the upper model if i have the money and was hoping to see some change with the new w7100 but my surprise yesterday was incredible when i saw that it was again a single slot gpu!For a prise of between 800-900€ im sure that amd/ati can give us a two slot version so that the hot air goes out of the case from the back and not in the case exactly on the cpu....

I woud like a tech person from amd ore someone to explain/justify this move.Its the middle of 2014 and a singleslot gpu is a very,very old design at a high price!Even if most pc cases today are well ventilated stock a single slot gpu tends to overheat and reset the system.For a designers gpu that doesnt sound pro to me.