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Journeyman III

A possible power save function for swift / fusion?


I have two questions

With the swift technic you would have a grafic unit on the prozessor. It is possible that you deactivate the pci express slot for the grafic card while the system is running, so that you only use the grafic unit in the prozessor? (Perhaps you could simulate a plugged grafic card with a software command)

So that the pci express slot stop his power supply? In this case your grafic card consum 0 Watt in the idle mode.And if the computer need the grafic power, you could simulate a connected grafic card with the same software command.

And my second question is: 

Why do you don't develop a external grafic interface for the notebook market? Like an extern pci express interface? The grafic card could be in an external case like a hard drive. The notebooks have a lot of CPU power, but only low end grafic chips. 

I am sure that you could sell a lot of notebooks and grafic cards in such cases as desktop replacements. (The notebooks should have a video-in connection, so that the customer don't need an external monitor)

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We actually have external graphic interfaces for notebooks, using an external PCIE cable. The technology is called XGP; here's an example of a product :

Journeyman III

The problem is:

- The Amilo use a technology of fujitsu

- The technology isn't supported by all new AMD Notebooks

- You have to buy this notebook so that you can only use it with this "old" grafic card.



- AMD need an own solution for all of theire notebooks

- AMD need an external case, which is compatible to all (ATI) grafic cards and AMD should offer a small solution like the amilo, too. But with the newest grafic chips. ( ATI 4870 / 4890 )



- The people don't need a desktop system anymore. This solution is a 100% desktop replacement.

- The system is mobile and it save energy costs. ( Lighter as a solution with an integrated highend chip, if you don't need the grafic power.)

- Studies don't need two systems anymore (No second device from a competing company)

- Perfect for all LAN partys


With this solution, AMD could sell all of theire notebooks with the cheapest onboard grafic chip, or later with the gpu core in the processor. (Fusion)

If the people buy a new notebook they could use theire old grafic card. (So they could upgrade it at any time.) That is a big cost advantage for AMD.


The connector and technology used for external graphics is available to all AMD customers. We don't actually make the laptops though, so we do not control whether that external connector is used.

The rest is a chicken-and-egg issue; as more laptop vendors include the connector then more external boxes will be made with newer and faster GPUs.