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Journeyman III

6870 card recognized by hwinfo but not clinfo

I have an 8120 machine with a 6670 card installed for ordinary graphics.  It runs  OpenSuSE 11.4.  After downloading and installing the v2.6 AMD APP SDK package from AMD, and re-installing the fglrx driver from OpenSuSE, the clinfo command handily recognizes both the card and the cpu.  When I add a Gigabyte 6870 card to use for its GPU, the system recognizes the new card using hwinfo --gfx, but clinfo does not.  Any suggestions on what I should be trying/investigating to figure out why clinfo recognition is not occurring?  The amdcccle GUI also does not show the new card, but I am guessing if clinfo can't, it is hardly likely to either.

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