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Adept I

64bit atomics and extended atomic ops in GL & Vulkan

I believe that you can match these feature wise with nvidia in GL from comparing the extensions you have available in OpenCL.

So can these be supported soon please on RX480 etc?

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The functionality you describe is not a part of Vulkan core specification, and Vulkan registry (Khronos Vulkan Registry) does not seem to list any vendor-specific extension which would provide support for 64-bit int atomic ops. Unless I'm missing something, this would mean that what you are describing is more of an API-level request. Please consider raising a ticket with Khronos about this.

Nvidia exposes this with their vendor specific extension in GL:

So right now I believe it would require an AMD specific extension until an ARB one could be agreed?  It seems odd it's missing anyway as at AMD you have it via OpenCL as far as I can tell.

I will file a request with Khronos as well thanks.


Sure, I never said there was no GL extension already available which introduces this specific piece of functionality 🙂 Vulkan-wise, this is currently a no man's land though.

I am afraid I cannot discuss our OpenGL extension plans here. However, what I can do is pass your request down to relevant people, so they are aware there are ISVs interested in 64-bit atomics + extended ops being our GL implementation. Will do that on Monday.

That would be great if you could pass that on thank you.  As they are very useful for storing comparison based payloads in one go that are difficult to squeeze into a 32bit atomic.