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Adept II

4870x2 exposed as 2 CAL devices in Windows?


a friend has buyed recently a 4870x2 in I was expecting to run some examples of the SDK in his machine.. From a post in this forums Michael Chu stated that is was not to be a problem to run CAL on this devices..

Well I know that on Vista currently 48xx aren't supported officialy but with the simple trick of getting some dlls ( amdcalrt.dll (32bit)) from Folding@home and copying to bin folder solves this problem..

After that FindNumdevices finds only 1 device.. The problem is that in this card there is no way of disabling Crossfire (in Catalyst Control Centre at least..).. Is there any trick/registry hack?..

And the question is: Is there a way or it will be in the future for exposing 4870x2 as 2 CAL devices on Windows?

I have not tested on Linux (I don't asked him for installing it) but it seems to be a bit easier since 8.8 Catalyst Linux introduced Crossfire support but it must be enabled by hand.. and since that it seems that 2 devices will be easier to get detected by CAL.. and I'm waiting for SDK 1.2 since I need to work with these drivers..

And the last question: Is the restriction of "attaching" a device to every card going to be removed or is going to stay.. I say this because reference 4870x2 cards have 2 DVI's (which seem to be attached to the same card).. and if that disabling Crossfire will not solve the problem..





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Journeyman III

Can you not turn crossfire off in the bios?