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Journeyman III

3x6990 with partial crossfire

2 6990 crossfire, 1 solo doesn't work

Hey, AMD people.

I have a system with 3 6990s in at once. They work fine solo, all three work for graphics and OpenCL.

I understand I can't put all 3 in crossfire together (each card only has one connector), but I'd like to get 2 of them in crossfire. This doesn't seem to work using the 11.8 Catalyst driver though.

If I attempt to connect the crossfire cable between card #1 and card #2, or #1 and #3, opening CCC causes the display driver to repeatedly crash. If I hook #2 and #3 together, it opens but the diagnostics page tells me I've connected the cable incorrectly.

Is there any way to make this work?

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