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Journeyman III

3DS MAX 2011 ATI HD4850 Directx 11 Directx 10 Directx 9 need help please

i i have got ati radeon hd4850 and the cpu q9000 8gb ddr3 and i have question about my card.

im trying to use directx 10 or if possible directx 11 in 3DS MAX 2011 but there are issues.

i did a few tests first one was using opengl but the frame rate was a catastrophe i copied 3d textured model in the same window in max and i had only 2fps.

than i tried directx 9 it was working a way better i made 150 copies of the same model in the same window in max and still was able to work. but there is issue with animation cuz when starting animation using directx 9 the gpu load goes to 90 % and thats not good.


the last test i did using directx 10 in max 2011 it was working even better than directx 9 and from what i saw it use about 50% less gpu power than directx 9.

but there are issues like missing vertex dots missing tools in 3DS MAX so for modeling directx 10 in max is useless.


at the moment i use directx 9 for modeling and directx 10 for animation i asked people on different forums Autodesk too they say there are problems with ATI cards and drivers.

i use the latest catalyst from AMD latest directx sdk and i have question is there anything i could do to use Directx 11 or at east directx 10 in 3DS MAX  ?

people from Autodesk say missing vertex dots in MAX perspective view happen cuz faulty AMD drivers . if so could anyone over here give me any advice how to make my card work at least with directx 10 in max 2011 x64 ?


and the driver version for radeon hd4850  i use is 8.791.0.0

thank you


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