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Journeyman III

3870 x2 Support in Linux

When will the 3870 x2 be supported in Linux

I've been in contact with ATI support and they promised me that support for the 3870 x2 under linux was coming and that the developers were working on it. 

I was hoping someone more knowledgable than the support team could tell me if it is in fact true that the 3870 x2 will be supported in linux.  IF yes, is there any upcoming Catalyst release that has this funtionality scoped in?

Although I love to see ATI/AMD incorporating Linux driver support for the 4870 series into Catalyst, it is a little disconcerting to me that support has been introduced for this line of products but not for the more mature 3870x2s.  It makes me feel like the 3870 x2 could slip through the cracks and support will never come for this line of cards.   If this is the case, PLEASE let us know so I can get rid of this card while it still has value.