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Journeyman III

3 Monitor setup with Radeon HD 5770


I want to setup 3 monitor display with my machine using a ATI Radeon HD 5770 Graphic card.
At the moment I am using the display port and the HDMI port from the graphic card and the VGA connection on my motherboard to use 3 monitors

Everytime I try to connect a 3rd monitor to the graphic card the 3rd monitor gets detected but the catalyst control center or the windows resolution window tells me I need to diable a monitor to be able to active the 3rd monitor.

Now I've tried to change the port config using both DVI connection and the HDMI connection. I've allso tried using both HDMI and Display port with either of the DVI connections. But no matter what I try I get the same message where I need to disable one of the Monitors to be able to enable the 3rd.

So is there a way to use 3 monitors on the ATI Radeon HD 5770 graphic card?

Or maybe I need to get me one of those display port adapters with a USB conneciton for power... hmm... kinda skeptic that the grapich card is set to handle 3  monitors but u need to use a display port to be able to do so.

(PS! Haven't tried to connect display port and 2 DVI cables yes... maybe that will work... need to just get me a Display Port to HDMI adapter....)

Monitors I am using at the moment are. Samsung SyncMaster 225BW, a Acer AL2223W and a Samsung SyncMaster S22B350.

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