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Re: 2 GPU problems...

MicahVillmow wrote:


Can you provide your system setup and the app that is causing the problem so that we can help figure out what is going wrong?

The bug was in the opencl app. I was running, it caused  deadlock... But if an opencl app gets stuck, on nvidia hardware for example, I can just do ctrl-c and it cancels the execution gracefully. (unless if radeon doesnt do it on my system because of a problem?)

If you are running these cards on nodes of a supercomputer, how do you think this problem could be handled? Especially since it is not at all feasible to reboot thousands of nodes at random times? People will simply be forced to choose to purchase,develop and optimize their codes for devices which does not require reboot and simply function!.

I am not sure how this simple thing is not seen by the managers of the people who write the driver codes. All I can imagine is that maybe nobody told them that people have been complaining about these basic problems for years.

Anyway, thanks for trying to help...