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Journeyman III

2 dual - core 74fx

I need help my system is runnig to hot .
I put in 3 - 12mm high end fans running 2800 rpm, and cpu is still idealing at 62c and when I'm gamming it has at times gone up to 70c. motherboard is reading 58c and cpu 2 also is running 58c.
my question, is there a heatsink i can purchase or is the answer water cooling ?
please i need help !!!!
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Hi carlorocco,

For best results, I would recommend that you post this type of question on the AMD Processor Forums under:

System Specs/Recommendations, Benchmarks, and Modding

Otherwise, perhaps some of the software developers here might be able to provide some guidance and/or advice.

Dev Central Staff
Journeyman III

From what I've read, this is a common problem with the QuadFX platform. The systems tend to run very hot overall. I had a similar problem with a dual FX70 QuadFX system running 64-bit Linux. With the stock factory heat sinks and fans, the CPUs would get up to ~ 58-60c at idle, then 65-70c under a load. Then the fans would kick into HIGH and cool it down, dropping back to low once the temperature dropped a bit. But that meant that I'd basically get 5-10 min. of quiet (relatively quiet anyways), followed by 3-5 min. of jet engine noise levels. The noise was irritating enough but the temperatures were very disconcerting given that the critical temperature for these CPUs is 63c. If I spent that much $$ for some high-end CPUs I sure as heck didn't want them to cook themselves just sitting there. I ended up putting in a water cooling system from Koolance. The entire kit was fairly $$ (~$900 if memory serves me right), but that was for water blocks for EVERYTHING (both CPUs, video card, both chipsets, all 3 voltage regulators, 4 HDs, and both memory banks). The only fans I have in the entire system now are 2 big slow super quiet 120mms just to keep some air flow over the motherboard. Now even under a full load the CPUs only get up to 45c and they drop to 28-32c at idle. While my set-up was rather expensive, you can get away with a much cheaper solution if you only want to cool the CPUs.