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Journeyman III

100% CPU load for Multi-GPU systems

The number one killer bug for serious GPGPU computing

I just checked Catalyst 10.11 RC - and the 100% CPU load problem is still there!!

I don't know if it's fixed for single GPU systems - but for system with more than one graphics card this problem still exists.

Please, please, please AMD - fix this bug!

It`s the number one killer bug for all users that want to use AMD GPUs for serious GPGPU computing

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Adept II

Well - I can confirm that for single GPU configs (at least for the HD6950/70 family) the 100% CPU bug is solved.

But I can also confirm what FrodoTheGiant said - for multi-GPU systems it's still there...


It seems unbelievable that this bug still exists.  

My company isn't going to allow production deployment if running OpenCL means CPU screaming @ 100% load (with all the associated heat, noise, and wasted energy).

Yet version after version the bug remains.  


AMD THIS IS THE NUMBER #1 BUG WITH OPEN CL.  Number #1.  As in nothing else matters if running OpenCL results in 100% CPU load.


AMD has known about this since AT LEAST 11.5.  

11.6 no fix (yet the managed to break single GPU),

11.7 no fix,

11.8 no fix.

11.9 (fixed single GPU but left multi-GPU broken)

11.10 preview - no fix

11.11 preview - no fix




summary available here: