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Enabling HP Compaq Pro 6305 Desktop for DASH Management

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This post will illustrate how DASH option can be enabled on fresh HP 6305 system and later provisioned for access from management consoles.

HP 6305 comes with Broadcom 5761 ethernet controller. DASH management option must be enabled in BIOS and required software must be installed on Windows OS. Let us start with changes in BIOS.

BIOS Changes

DASH Management option must be enabled in the BIOS. To confirm, goto BIOS\Advanced, select and enter Management Operations


In the Management Operations, these options must be enabled

  • DASH Support
  • DASH Console Redirection.

Press F10 to save the changes and exit BIOS.


Note: You could request the OEM (HP in this case) to have these options enabled by default in factory BIOS.

Microsoft Windows Changes

This post illustrates the changes to be made on Windows OS. For other OS, check either HP or Broadcom documentation.

(1) Network Driver

Boot to Windows OS. The recommended network driver version is or above. To confirm the driver version, goto 'Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\System', open 'Device Manager', expand 'Network adapters', right click on 'Broadcom NetXTreme Gigabit Ethernet Plus' adapter and select 'Properties'. In the driver tab, verify the 'Driver Version'.


In case the driver version is old, to get the latest driver, download Broadcom's 'NetXtreme Software Kit' version or highrer. Extract the archive, go to the folder 'B57HPCD-DT-v16.6.4.1/MgmtApps/x64' and run,

setup /s /v /qn

This option will install the required driver and the software required for DASH management.

Note: Broadcom NetXtreme Software Kit can be obtained from either HP support or Broadcom support site.


(2) Broadcom Management Agent

Open 'Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools\Services' windows and ensure status of 'Broadcom Management Agent' is 'Running'. If it is not running, check if 'Broadcom NetXtreme Software Kit' version is right and is correctly installed.


(3) Broadcom WMI namespaces

This is additional verification step. Goto Start\Run, enter 'wbemtest' and click OK. In the window, Connect to  'root\BrcmBnxNs' namespace and verify if connect is successful. If connect fails, check if 'Broadcom NetXtreme Software Kit' version is right and is correctly installed.


Note: You could add the right version of Broadcom NetXtreme Software Kit to your organization's OS image.

Once these settings are in place, HP 6305 can be provisioned either locally or remotely using DASHConfig tool. Checkout the detailed usage of DASHConfig here - How to use AMD DASHConfig tool to provision DASH capable targets

(4) Quick steps using DASHConfig

DASHConfig is packaged with AMPS (AMD Management Plugin for SCCM), AMC (AMD Management Console) and DASHCli. These tools can downloaded from

1) In the DASHConfig folder, edit the 'DASHConfigExample.xml' file. Fill in digest credentials or active directory settings and save the file.

2) On the HP 6305 DASH system, from the Command-Prompt, go to the DASHConfig folder and run the command,  "DASHConfig.exe –xf:DASHConfigExample.xml -lf:DASHProvision.log"

HP 6305 will be provisioned. Now the system can be discovered and managed by any Management Console which supports DASH.