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AMPS 3.0 (AMD Management Plugin for SCCM) Release Announcement

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A new release of AMD Management Plugin for SCCM, AMPS 3.0 is now available.

AMPS is a product that extends Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012 to manage the desktop and mobile systems, out-of-band, using DASH standards. AMPS is essential part of enterprise IT management.

New features in 3.0 release are:

  • Firmware Upgrade on device and collection - Upgrade or downgrade the firmware of a device or on a collection.
  • Schedule DASH tasks on a collection - Power change and firmware upgrade operations.
  • DASH Scheduled Tasks tab - UI screen view all the scheduled DASH tasks.
  • "All AMPS Status Messages" Status Message Queries - Enable user to view all status messages related to AMPS.
  • New groupings of DASH systems:
    • All DASH Capable Systems - contains all DASH systems.
    • All DASH Managed Systems - contains all manageable DASH systems, that is, DASH systems that are provisioned with working credentials.
    • All DASH Unmanaged Systems - contains all unmanageable DASH Systems, that is, those DASH systems which do not have working credentials.
  • Reporting - Generate Configuration Manager style reports for DASH actions

Release notes is attached, which provide more information on for this release and also the history of releases. AMPS User guide is also attached, which provides information on all the features and their usage in AMPS 3.0.

Visit @DASH Home for downloading this software.

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